…NOW what?

Screenshot 2017-04-28 10.43.09Over the course of a semester, our class has learned plenty about wealth and income inequalities. We visited a homeless shelter and got to see just how people are impacted by poverty. We addressed the various subcultures that are impacted by certain policies such as red lining and pay gaps. We watched countless videos, read heart-wrenching articles about the plight of poverty, and listened to guest speakers address the situation from their own viewpoint.

But now what? There is now a moral responsibility on us to act upon what we have learned. We did not sit here learning about the atrocities that are occurring to turn a blind eye on the most vulnerable. After learning so much, how can you feel that there is not an issue that is amongst us?

Screenshot 2017-04-28 10.42.59So here’s my theory: if instead of sharing that Facebook post of participating in that lecture, go out and do good. I speak for myself, my classmates, and those of you reading this article. Whether you have been watching the news or reading our blog, it is well known that there are people in our communities that need help. Now is the time to do something and give back. Now is the time to act.

It does not have to be a major commitment. Donating your extra clothes, money, and time is sufficient. Writing letters to your legislators asking for policy changes is enough. Just sitting on the sidelines, that is not enough. So, as we get ready to shuffle off into the real world my last message is this: do good in the world, and help your neighbors. We are all humans, and we all could use some more compassion.

By Allison Smith


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