An eye-opening class…

Screenshot 2017-04-28 10.38.01This semester, we went through all aspects of wealth inequality.

We talked about women in poverty, low-income housing, food deserts, and so much more. I’m going to write about how this class has influenced me in the best way imaginable.

Before coming to this class, I didn’t know the meaning of wealth inequality but through experience I had a pretty good idea of what it was. I would gain a better knowledge of what families in poverty go through. I saw in the documentary Solar Mamas exactly how important women are in getting their families out of poverty. Many women who are in poverty or are homeless are single mothers. I learned that even though women are paid less than men, especially if you are a woman of color, they will always work hard to give their family a better life.

People in poverty may just need that one step to help them achieve greatness. That is when affordable housing comes into play. My family and I are in affordable housing. When I was researching this topic, I was sad to find that not many states have options for affordable housing. These programs help people with low incomes have a roof over the heads. Not many people know of affordable housing and I believe that if more people were informed, then there would be more energy put into providing it.

The last topic that struck me was food deserts. I had never heard of food deserts until we talked about it in class. It is something that I have seen in many rural areas but never paid much attention to.

When we were able to come up with ways to solve the problems of food deserts, it gave me a rush. Here we are in class and we were able to brainstorm ideas on how to help people and change their lives. We may have only been presenting to each other but it still felt amazing to come up with ideas.

This class has truly opened my eyes and made me view the world differently. It has been an amazing semester and end to my senior year.

By Arnelle Louis-Pierre




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