About this semester…

I did not know what to talk about in this last post so I decided to touch on some of my favorite topics that we discussed this semester.

One of the most memorable discussions we had was about the wealth and income inequality in Connecticut. I remember talking about how Connecticut is among the wealthiest states in the United States, but also contains some of the poorest neighborhoods in towns such as Bridgeport and Hartford. I mentioned I had family in the Hartford area, probably five minutes from each other but the members of those families ended up in two different school districts.

One district was West Hartford and the other Hartford.

The differences between their schools were tremendous. According to West Hartford’s district profile and performance report, West Hartford only has 783 African American students in their school district which only amounts to 8 percent, while Hartford has 6,565 African American students, which amounts to 30.6 percent of the school district. The Hispanic community makes up 52.5 percent of the Hartford school district.

The way the government sets up districts lines is unequal and leaves the lower class with terrible resources, especially in the urban areas.

I also want to mention another topic, that people in urban areas not being able to access healthy and nutritional foods. This segment brought to my attention that supermarkets and alternative (healthy) options such as Whole Foods are usually in wealthier neighborhoods and suburban areas. We discussed why this might be and we came to the conclusion that it could be a number of variables for both the business and the consumers who shop there.

For the business, the crime rate may be a big factor in where they put their business, but for the consumer, access to transportation or prices may be a big factor in whether they shop there.

Basically, this class made me conscious of the world around us, and the reasoning behind everything and how America got to where it is and how it is now. This has been one of the best college courses because it always had me thinking and all of the coursework was very interesting, all thanks to Professor Campbell’s teaching style. Thank you.

By Tyler Jarrett


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