Tiny homes may be a solution

Screenshot 2017-04-27 07.18.26Tiny houses are a big trend, but are people really packing (and condensing) their stuff and moving into their new, small abode?

For some people, a tiny home can be a chance to start anew, travel the country, and pay less for bills and more for experiences. According to Zillow, the median cost for a home is around $196,500. At Tumbleweed Houses, a 20×26 tiny home starts at $62,950, not including add-ons like a larger fridge or more shelving. These houses can sleep four to six people, depending on the size and plan of the tiny home. Is this considered the bargain on the lot? Think again.

I also looked at how much trailer homes cost in Wallingford and the prices waiver. What is surprising is that the trailer homes have far more space than the tiny homes. For more room for stuff, getting a trailer or mobile home would be the best fit. For easier mobility and aesthetics, the tiny home would suffice.

Screenshot 2017-04-27 07.18.58Another trending form of tiny homes are “Granny Pods,” or, MEDCottages, a big room/small space in the backyard of an elderly person’s relative. These rooms are 12×24, the average size of a master bedroom. There is more room for activities and storage, while some elements of an average house are not present. Granny Pods don’t include any stovetops or ovens and everything is on one floor. These homes range from $85,000 to $125,000. With the elderly population increasing, I do expect to see a few of these popping up in neighbor’s yards. However, families may prefer nursing homes, because constructing a $100,000 structure in the yard may not be practical for them.

On a lighter note, the stigma for mobile homes/trailers seem to be waning. When people think of trailers, they think of the stigma that the housing is for poor or old people. With younger people trying to find homes, starting off in a trailer might not be that bad if you find the right community to park in.

By Leah Myers




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