Feeding Pandora’s donation box

Screenshot 2017-04-20 19.58.31You can turn anything into a fundraiser!  You can have a bake sale, collect bottles for bottle deposit, or even collect clothes!

Where would you send clothes? Goodwill?

There are international organizations that collect clothing, toys, and some furniture. Organizations that run the fundraiser with that company receive a check for how much they donated by weight.

My high school’s music program has done this fundraiser for a while.  I asked the parent in charge of the fundraiser where the company sends the clothes after the fundraiser.  Her reply was “I don’t know. All I know is that we get a check for recycling clothes.”

Filling a truck full of unwanted items is a pretty easy fundraiser, but do those donated items really get reused?

This method of donating is more common than you think. The mysterious bins all over town also collect unwanted items to supposedly get reused.

The most controversial example of a donation bin company is Planet Aid. On the website, it says that there is a high demand in used clothing in third-world countries. I am skeptical of this because in the documentary, True Cost, the third world countries take the clothing and put 90 percent of their imports into a landfill because there is no need for them.

Granted, each country is different, but it’s too good to be true to think that Screenshot 2017-04-20 20.00.06every piece of clothing is going to someone who needs it. It’s also disappointing that there is no certain answer on where donated clothes actually go.

In addition, there’s research that the company has been evading taxes and sending profits to the political cult, TVIND.  Amdi Petersen is the founder of Tvind, located in Denmark.  He created the cult as an alternative education establishment, as the cult stands for private schools and institutions.  There are government investigations being done on the cult and Planet Aid, but it is still uncertain to me whether the two organizations are connected.

By Leah Myers


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