Doing right by workers

Screenshot 2017-04-15 13.35.32We have been talking about fast fashion, big corporations and their involvement in sweatshops, which have the worst working conditions and are inhumane.

However, the topic that kept coming up was how would getting rid of sweatshops affect the economies of the countries that benefit from the cheap labor.

It’s easy to say that we can get rid of sweatshops and get all of those workers out of the bad conditions and set them free. The problem with that is if we did that then we are taking a lot of people from their jobs which they rely on live their lives. We don’t realize that the money the workers make from sweatshops actually helps them pay for rent and food, though they get paid next to nothing. Also, the people working these jobs aren’t educated nor do they have skills that could apply to other jobs that pay better.

I propose the corporations create a better working environment. I’m talking about putting in air conditioning, having bigger spaces, buildings that are up to code and managers that don’t abuse the workers. I believe they should also pay the workers more. I understand this would raise cost for the corporations, meaning that they would charge American citizens more when they shop at their stores, but I feel there is enough wealth to go around and these corporations can definitely afford it.

America as a country is too greedy and the greed sometimes blinds us from doing what’s right.

By Donald Scott


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