Fast fashion and ethical endeavors

Screenshot 2017-04-15 13.27.11They say that you learn something new every day, right?

Well, I recently learned more about the concept of “fast fashion” and its impact on our world. Not only does fast fashion rely on sweatshops in low-income nations, but it targets the most vulnerable people and forces them into dangerous conditions. We have seen catastrophic accidents occur because of a lack of concern for the safety and well-being of the workers.

But from the ashes rises a new wave of shoppers who are more conscious of the products they are buying. A new wave called ethical buying is sweeping the nation in the wake of incidences like Rana Plaza in Bangladesh.

So what does ethical buying mean and where can you find it?

Ethical buying focuses on safe practices for employees and making sure that all human rights and environmental policies are maintained. People who buy ethically are saying no to fast fashion and investing their money in other, safer industries. There are numerous shops that exist, especially online, that cater to this cause. If you are interested in ethical shopping and want to make the switch, check out the sites below!

Screenshot 2017-04-15 13.27.53

  1. Patagonia : Patagonia was one of the first companies to fight against fast fashion. They are Fair Trade Certified and continue to do philanthropic work in countries like Sri Lanka and India.
  2. Elegantees: Gives jobs to women who have overcome sex trafficking and abuse in Nepal. The company provides safe working environments for all women and helps prevent the chain of trafficking to continue.
  3. HOPE: A company that prides itself on being child-labor-free, promotes fair labor, and is environmentally conscious when producing clothing.
  4. TribeAlive: Works with women from Haiti, India, and even Forth Worth, Texas, to create sensible clothing. Women are guaranteed a safe work environment and fair trade wages.
  5. Mini Mioche: A baby clothing company that is based in Canada. All products are made by fair trade laborers and use natural materials. In addition, and mail or packages used by the company are made with recycled material.

By Allison Smith


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