One man’s $11 is another man’s fortune

Screenshot 2017-04-01 13.57.12In a country with a history of high wage gaps conflicting with American Dreams and Internet memes, what keeps the economy going?

The Internet contributes to around six percent of the economy.

One realm of the web that is exceptional contributor to the Internet economy is Amazon, a shopping website that has almost every tangible thing you could possibly need (but usually want), and if you throw more money at it you can get free shipping and free video streaming.

Amazon comes in handy when you need something, but it can be a distraction and we end up with impractical items in our “shopping cart.”

Screenshot 2017-04-01 13.57.23I find that whenever I splurge online, I usually don’t need what I am buying. A sweater with giant armholes that is currently hiding in my closet? Yeah, go for it! A pencil holder when I have decent space for writing utensils already? What’s 11 bucks anyway?

As a matter of fact, 11 bucks can be a significant amount of money. It can mean groceries for one day, A half a tank of gas. A movie ticket (if you missed it on Tuesday).

The cost of living adds up pretty quickly, and it might be impossible to find room for splurges. Spending the 11 bucks efficiently might also be a goose chase within itself. Spending a minimum online is difficult with the inevitable shipping fees. Credit card debt might also conflict with spending money over the internet. Transportation also has fees attached just to go somewhere.

In addition, Amazon, as a company, is worth billions. The money spent on the website goes into profit and to strange third party companies in China or something. The money spent at Amazon will rarely come back around to the American economy any time soon.

Yes, the Internet has helped our economy and yes, it can also slow the economy down. Online shopping, when done in bulk, is efficient and convenient, but might also be a luxury to some people.

By Leah Myers 



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