Pres. Donald Scott’s FY 18 budget:

A couple of days ago, I was presented with an assignment where I was the president of the United States, and I had to redo the budget for the country.

Screenshot 2017-04-01 14.25.55Then I saw the budget from 2015 when Obama was still president and the military had 54 percent of the budget. You can look at the rest of the budget from the chart published here, but my focus was on the military.

Long story short? I took 10 percent from the military, 2 percent from international affairs and 2 percent  from the government.

I gave more funds to Medicare, the veterans, housing and education because I feel like many citizens have problems in one of these areas.

We know how bad the homeless problem is, and the way to solve homelessness is to provide housing. A problem I’ve heard from the housing department is they don’t have enough funds to help everyone and with a 5 percent increase, we will be able to help many of the people who are homeless. Adding to education would help kids attend and possibly lower tuition fees, which would rid us of a lot of debt.

The main thing was my military and international affairs cuts.

I don’t believe the military needs 54 percent of the budget. I think cutting it 10 percent still leaves the Pentagon with ample money for a strong military. Our military spending is basically defense, and a lot of that defense is in other countries, which ties into international affairs.

I don’t believe we as a country need to be in everyone else’s business. If we didn’t get involved in many situations, we wouldn’t have many of the problems we have now. If we left the Middle East alone, they wouldn’t hate us for trying to be the big brother or the policeman of the world. We need to stick to our own problems in America and not worry so much about everyone else. We need to get right first and then deal with others if they need us to help them.

By Donald Scott


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