Getting women out of poverty

Screenshot 2017-04-01 14.16.39I have come to understand that even though the wage gap has decreased from 50 years ago, it will never be completely equal.

I have also come to learn that focusing on women is effective because a woman is more likely to stay and put in the work to have better life. In the documentary, Solar Mamas, we are introduced to a mother of four named Rafea. Rafea only received an education up until she was in the fifth grade. But she decided to go away from her family for six months in order to get a better life for her and her family.

The documentary shows that having an education can help provide a better future for a family, especially when the women of the family are educated. I believe that more funding should go to education because right now, attending college keeps many people from attending.

Rafea was met with many obstacles while trying to complete her six-month program. She began her journey at Barefoot College in India. The college is centered around helping rural communities understand solar, water, and education. The education they provide helps rural communities become better. While Rafea was there, she was able to learn how to use solar power to make her and her family’s life better. Her husband, however, did not support her efforts. In Rafea’s culture, the man oversees the house. Women are not able to go anywhere without permission. Most women do not have an education past elementary school, but the question is what does depriving a woman of education really do to get them out of poverty?

Women are also providers. Women provide a warm, clean house, with food on the table by 6 p.m. However, a woman is more than capable of having an education and becoming a breadwinner. According to Legal Momentum, 35 percent of single women who have children live and raise their children in poverty.

If we support women and promote her to stand on her own without the help of a man, then I believe that she’ll be able to get herself out of poverty.

By Arnelle Pierre-Louis






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