Separate is never equal

Screenshot 2017-03-10 19.58.29.pngBrown v. Board of Education was a momentous Supreme Court case that overruled Plessy v. Ferguson. In Brown, the court ruled that separate can never be equal in education.

In 1996, the Connecticut Supreme Court ordered the state to eliminate the segregated schools in Hartford, but how to do that was to be determined by state lawmakers. The CT Mirror reported in Dec. 2016 that the majority of Hartford’s children are still attending schools that are segregated.

It’s 2017, and segregation within Connecticut schooling system is still a problem. says that:

Connecticut is the 16th most segregated state for African Americans, with 32 percent of Black students, and the 12th most segregated state for Hispanics, with 25.6 percent of Hispanic students in extremely segregated schools.

Screenshot 2017-03-10 19.59.10.pngRegional magnet schools, with specialized learning themes, have been growing at a rapid rate throughout the state. The University of New Haven created the Engineering and Science University Magnet School (ESUMS), right next to the campus. Magnet schools make up the majority of Connecticut’s integrated schools.

Studies at Trinity College report that the Connecticut state government built new magnet schools while spending $1.4 billion. Magnet and private schools drain resources (and students) from the public school system. This isn’t a bad thing for families to have these opportunities, but it contributes to an educational system that is separate and unequal. Parents will always want the best for their children. However, wanting the best is also harming the less fortunate.

The documentary, Separate and Unequal, shows a racial divide between towns that want to create a new school district called St. George. This new school district will be a wonderful opportunity, but only for those that it will benefit. Diversity and segregation issues between St. George and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, will only increase with the creation of this new town. Those who can’t afford to transfer to the new school system will struggle because the old public school will lose money from the families who are leaving.

Some people think that because our country has had an African American President, segregation and racial issues aren’t a problem. Well, they’re wrong, especially with Pres. Trump in office and Republicans controlling the government. America needs to recognize our country still has these issues.

By Nicole Pierce



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