What’s the plan?

screenshot-2017-02-23-20-06-17This election season saw a lot of heated discussion about virtually anything from emails to sexual assault.

But neither presidential candidate talked about wealth and income inequality. The Times even wrote an article when both parties came forward and talked about their economic strategies, and how neither group mentioned the 47 million Americans who aren’t in the middle or upper classes.

Pres. Donald Trump didn’t ever address  poverty directly. This article from Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity lists the times the candidates addressed income inequality and poverty in America. When the terms “income inequality,” “poor,” and “poverty” were searched, only a handful of references popped up and even less of them were quotes from the candidates. Most of them were in questions or in responses written by the company.

This is a major issue. It’s ridiculous to think that someone who is adored by the majority of rural white Americans doesn’t actually take their wellbeing into consideration. He won over people by fighting for the same beliefs they have. But now with Trump in office, what does that mean financially? Only time will tell.

Right now, though, according to Feeding America, an organization that helps people who live below the poverty line, the country is in serious danger. If we continue on this trend then it could be disastrous, specifically for people who voted for Trump.

It’s time that everyone heard what Trumps plan is for the future. People’s lives are in the balance. Without a stable middle class, the country can’t succeed. These people scraping the surface of the middle class, and people who aren’t but could one day, need support. They need a plan.

So where the hell is it?

By Kate Sahagian


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