The good, the bad, the ugly about lobbying

screenshot-2017-02-23-20-00-33There are some good, bad, and ugly facts about lobbyists, but there is nothing fundamentally wrong with lobbying. It’s legal.

Lobbying allows people to utilize their First Amendment rights and petition the government while playing an influential role in their government. However, most lobbyists use mass amounts of money to gain power within our government and persuade politicians to change the law.

Therefore, lobbyists are deemed evil.

The U.S Senate defines lobbying as the practice of trying to persuade legislators to propose, pass, or defeat legislation or to change existing laws. A lobbyist has the ability to legally donate hundreds and thousands of dollars to a senator’s campaign. However, the mistrust of lobbyists may come to an end with the help of Donald Trump. Trump’s determination to “drain the swamp” has begun with the elimination of registered lobbyists. However, establishing a lobbyist ban could ultimately make it difficult for officials to fund new policies, which Trump is so keen on creating.

Every person who joins President Trumps administration will be required to sign a lobbyist ban form, which will state they are not a lobbyist and if they were, they will have to provide evidence of their termination.

Anyone who joins the new administrations transition will have to sign the following pledge:

“By signing below I hereby certify that I am not currently registered and reporting as a federal lobbyist as defined by the Lobbying Disclosure Act amended or as a compensated lobbyist at the state level in any state. If I was listed as lobbyist in the most recent lobbying disclosure forms or reported to be filed by federal or state law, I hereby notify the president-elect’s transition team that I have filed the necessary forms to the appropriate government agency to terminate my [lobbying registration]. I will provide the transition team with written evidence of my federal or state lobbyist termination as soon as possible.”

Stay tuned to read about the next executive order.

By Ellen Callahan


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