The awesome power of lobbyists


In my state and local government class here at University of New Haven, we watched a documentary, “The Best Money Government Can Buy?”

The documentary explores lobbying, how it works, where the power comes from, who provides the money, and what effects that has. This 2009 documentary was a little dated, but one thing did remain true: Money spent on lobbying increases or stays around the same area each year due to the new special interests or public interests of clients.

In 1998 only $1.45 billion was spent on lobbying. Recent statistics say we are now at a staggering $3.12 billion. In his 2008 campaign, Pres. Obama said he would not accept any money from lobbyist nor would they run his White House.

If there’s one thing I learned about lobbying, it is that all aren’t registered but that doesn’t take away from them actually lobbying. Gaining funds from lobbyists is hard to get away from. At least 15 of Obama’s biggest fundraisers were people who were unregistered but working in lobby shops. Is it possible to eliminate the influence of lobbyists with campaigning? Your thoughts…..

By Kendra Key


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