The poor in prison

During the summer, anyone who watched the news knew about Ferguson and what happened to Michael Brown.

However, the story behind Ferguson goes much deeper than what the media portrayed.

The relationship between the police and citizens is poor. In Ferguson,and the surrounding towns, the police are pulling people over and giving out tickets like there’s no tomorrow.

The municipal courts charge unbelievable fines for simple tickets. For example, in the short film, Ferguson: A Report from Occupied Territory, two men were charged $500 each for jaywalking and failure to use the crosswalk. The two men said that there aren’t even sidewalks. Other citizens are arrested and held in jails because they can’t afford to pay their bonds. The towns have ridiculous amounts of fines and their people can’t afford to pay them.  Because the towns are so close, people will have multiple tickets from different towns for a million different reasons.

Each town has people being held in jail cells for not paying tickets and fines, however, once they pay one off could be moved to a different town’s jail for more tickets.

The court system and the police are not helping anyone they are only making the matter worse. Residents don’t want to call the police, because they know they won’t be any help.

Some people in Ferguson and the surrounding towns want to leave but they don’t have enough money to move. Zoning laws in the ’60s helped divide races. #BlackLivesMatter is the response to all of the racist actions. This is not something that is going to happen over night but needs to be something we strive towards every day.

By Nicole Pierce


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