Economic depravation and the drug trade

rquzkfmMy mom grew up in Newark, New Jersey, which is known for having one of the highest crime rates and upsetting poverty rate.

Sounds pretty bad right?

The most recent studies show that 18 percent  of children in Newark are living in extreme poverty, 40 percent poverty, and 69 percent low-income. I only lived in the city for the first four years of my life but, have seen and learned a lot from my frequent visits. The most astonishing and heart-breaking observations involved seeing adolescents make drug transactions.

Selling drugs is something that is all too common in Newark and other cities. It made me question what is the cause and effect of selling drugs and how it prospers throughout time.

Here’s what I found:

Why do kids sell drugs? Socioeconomic depravation is  a primary one, especially among the black community. Urban youth come from homes where resources are scarce and they may turn to selling drugs for income for their families or themselves.

This issue often turns into a bigger one with delinquent adolescents turning in to repeat offenders. Repeat offenders are more common among people who begin the habit in their adolescence.

So how do we stop this? If socioeconomic depravation is a primary factor, can we blame adolescents for turning to selling drugs for their source of income? Ponder on that a little….

By Kendra Key


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