What do you think when you think “homeless?”

screenshot-2017-02-09-17-18-53I asked a couple of friends what is the first thing that comes to mind when they think about homelessness. One of their responses stood out —“no home, no family.”

For some people this may be true but for others it may just be a block in the road. Columbus House Chief Executive Officer Alison Cunningham says that a good amount of people who find themselves at the sheltere don’t stay long. So it may not be that these people don’t have a family but rather that they hit hard times and found themselves temporarily without a place to live.

Another friend said homeless was “no money.” The priority for Columbus House is to help people get a home of their own. That includes having money to make a security deposit and maintain rent. However, in order to do that, consistent income must be coming in. One of the services Columbus House provides is their Employment and Enrichment Center, which “is a six-week program that helps adults in all aspects of the job search including resume writing, interview skills, effective communication, and motivation, as well as personal budgeting and recovery.”

The goal to end overall homelessness is something that may seem near impossible because there will always be someone falling on hard times. It is more of matter of once you get on your feet, you stay on your feet—and that means ending chronic homelessness.

By Kendra Key




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