Columbus House’s work

screenshot-2017-02-09-17-10-57Our visit to the Columbus House was insightful. This being my first time at a shelter, I was , curious to see how things operated.

There, we met Alison Cunningham, the chief executive officer at the shelter. Cunningham told us that the home typically opens to the public at 4 p.m. and closes at 8 a.m. to the public so tat they can do their daily routines of cleaning and laundry to get ready for that evening.

Cunningham also gave us a tour. The spaces are divided up into different sections for men and women. The facilities can also be divided into age groups. Typically, the guests stay until they are back on their feet. Most people at the Columbus house hit a rough patch, and they do not stay for more than a few months. Columbus House also has services for people who need them.

Cunningham explained to us that the biggest problem the organization is having is would-be budget cuts. Aside from the struggles of finding funds to keep the house open, Cunningham does a great job of ending the homelessness crisis in the Greater New Haven area.

For volunteer opportunities at the Columbus house, click here.

By Tyler Jarrett


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