Profiting from the poor

This short film was about our prison and how deeply flawed it is.

I had no idea there are probation agencies that prey on the less fortunate. The documentary claims that companies such as JCS (Judicial Corrections Service) and Sentinel that look to open their businesses in poorer neighborhood because statistics show that poorer people are more likely to end up on probation than wealthier people.

Once some one with few resources is on probation, agencies such as JCS and Sentinel are able to charge them for their original fine and then also charge a fine for being on probation. Also each month they remain on probation ,these agencies charge an additional fine; in the case of JCS they charge $35 per month.

This is not fair for the individuals who are not able to pay their original fines because by the time they try to pay what they owe, they find themselves in a deeper hole. Some individuals are trying to sue these companies because it is not fair to make profit off of prisoners, but this is sill an ongoing battle.

I had no idea these types of companies exist and I do not understand how this could be legal. I am pleased to know that this issue is recognized and is being dealt with even though this process is slow.

By Tyler Jarrett



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